Episode 1 – Universal Catalyst for Awesomeness

Cast : Rob, Mike, Matt, Dan, & Kirk
Also Heard – Beezley
Intro Music
: “Haters” by Sore found on www.podsafeaudio.com
Outro Music : “Position: by Sore found on www.podsafeaudio.com
Topic : Use of GM Fiat

02:45 : Rob referenced Penny Arcade
03:25 : Beezley mentions Gir & Red vs. Blue
03:30 : Rob mentions Matt’s Fear the Boot ass kissery
09:00 : Kirk doesn’t know what Hibachi is
10:10 : Rob references Venture Brothers
10:30 : Mike mentions Burn Notice
10:45 : Rob mentions Heroes
11:00 : Kirk mentions the Dresden Files
11:30 : Kirk’s reading: David Eddings, Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson, Dragonlance
12:00 : Mike should be reading: Priest
13:00 : Matt’s reading: Savage Worlds, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Call of Cthulhu & Skies of Glass
13:45 : Beezely reads: Mike’s upcoming Mass Effect game
13:30 : Rob’s reading: Mass Effect: Revelation and should be starting Eisenhorn soon.
14:45 : Rob mentions Dark Heresy
14:45 : Rob mentions Battlestar Galactica
15:30 : Rob covers his ass with TiVo
15:45 : Kirk brings up Final Fantasy
16:55 : Rob mentions Knights of the Old Republic
19:45 : Final Fantasy evolved into Final Fantasy Tactics
20:10 : Rob brings up Assassin’s Creed
20:55 : The Bear Swarm cast discusses the use of GM fiat
30:30 : Kirk mentions the 50 Fathoms Campaign Setting
33:45 : Rob mentions Sylar, the main villain from Season 1 of Heroes.

Shout Outs
Rob: Snickers Charged Bar
Mike: Obsidian Portal
Matt: Wife’s aunt Abby and her new husband Chad
Kirk: Popeye’s Chicken
Dan: Jacob’s wife; Megan

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