Episode 2 – We Record This

Cast : Rob, Mike, Matt, Beezley, & Jacob
Intro Music
: “Haters” by Sore found on www.podsafeaudio.com
Outro Music : “Position: by Sore found on www.podsafeaudio.com
Topic : Using Established Settings in Role-Playing

01:30 : Bear Swarm recording, as always, is done at Meta-Games Unlimited in Springfield.
02:40 : The Group Template is an RPG tool available from the guys at Fear the Boot
03:30 : Beezly is playing Oblivion, the poor bastard.
03:55 : Splinter Cell gets dissed… maybe lauded… who knows.
04:05 : Beezly made it to the 3rd disk of Final Fantasy 7 in a day. Hardcore.
04:40 : We cover our asses with TiVo again.
04:55 : Beezly watched like half of Sweeney Todd. Good job.
07:10 : Rob recently saw Street Kings.
07:20 : Rob also went to see a local 80’s tribute band, Machine Gun Symphony.
08:30 : Mike has been playing lots of Sins of a Solar Empire.
09:00 : Mike, Rob, and Jacob all recently finished the newest Dresden Files novel, Small Favor.
09:30 : Jim Butcher sucking-up commences.
10:40 : Life would be sweet if it was more like Ghost in the Shell.
13:10 : Rob got Taco Bell, but has no idea what the hell happened to it.
15:10 : Rob looks like a white Castro in his hat.
16:20 : Rob went to the Borders at the mall to buy My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon, because Barnes & Noble didn’t have it.
16:55 : Rob can’t find Many Bloody Returns. Help!
22:00 : New Bear Swarm show format is discussed.
22:35 : Rob comes without the proper music, and tries to do the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly theme with his mouth to cover for it.
23:20 : Show topic is introduced by Matt. Mike can’t keep his mouth shut long enough for Matt to get through it, though.
24:05 : Mike is working on a Mass Effect conversion in the Savage Worlds system, and Rob is working on a Dresden Files game using the World of Darkness.
24:10 : There is a Dresden RPG coming out soon, but Rob is impatient.
25:10 : Obligatory Star Wars RPG discussion. We apologize.
28:40 : Iron Kingdoms is a valid “outside source”
29:15 : Chainmail is from the 70’s.
30:40 : Jacob has used “Iron Worlds” to run games before. Nobody else knows what the hell it is, and neither Mike or Rob can find its existence on the internet. Jacob must be lying.
30:55 : Jacob’s also done Serenity.
31:05 : StarCraft, too. Apparently he loves Sci-Fi.
32:45 : Ghostbusters in the Vineyard. Rob is clever.
34:15 : Matt ran All Flesh Must be Eaten. Once.
35:15 : Mike put the Elric Brothers into his Iron Kingdoms game.
36:15 : Mike also stole like half the cast of Battlestar Galactica for his Mass Effect game. What a hack.
36:45 : Edward James Olmos IS awesome. Any arguments? Didn’t think so.
37:35 : Jacob plays a fair amount of BattleTech.
38:35 : Mike think she talks about this CyberPunk campaign a lot.
38:50 : Sean Bean is cool. He was in Ronin and Equilibrium.
40:10 : Vinny Jones scares us. Rightfully so.
40:30 : Danny Trejo is typecast as hell.
41:45 : Rob based an L5R character on Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
43:40 : Rob ran a game based on a song by She Wants Revenge.
44:55 : Beezly based a character on a Rammstein song.
45:15 : Mike has an idea for a Dogs in the Vineyard town based on a Ludo song.
46:05 : Johnny Cash rules.
50:25 : Jacob has written a couple Knights of the Old Republic-style games.
1:02:40 : Mike is such a nerd that he roleplays ALL THE TIME, even while playing board games like Prince of the City.
01:03:30 : Risk would be a pretty cool way to create a campaign world.
01:04:20 : Monopoly RPG.

Shout Outs
Mike: Real Life webcomic
Matt: Battlestar Galactica
Rob: Guinness and Jagermeister
Jacob: Subway
Beezly: Jim Butcher

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