Episode 265: Meet the 7th Sea Design Team

John Wick, Michael Curry, and Rob Justice sit down to discuss 7th Sea: Second Edition.

They answer questions like what is 7th Sea: Second Edition? Why a Second Edition? What’s this Battlestar Galactica analogy we keep hearing? What’s new? What’s similar? What’s up with the Timeline\World Shape\Ect?

They hit the important Kickstater facts like how it ends Sunday, March 13th, 2016. How it’s already funded and hit 286k in the first day! How you can get the Quick Start for $1 (and then cancel you pledge so it’s free!)

Then they get into their individual roles within the project. 

They tell you to visit www.SailThe7thSea.com to signup for the mailing list for more info.

They wrap it all up with the 7th Sea: Second Edition Credits (so far).

Mark Diaz Truman Project Manager
Marissa Kelly Art Director
Shen Fei Cover Artist
Mark Richardson Map
Sally Christensen Copy Editor
Brendan Conway Development Editor
Thomas Denny Graphic Designer
Jim Miller Kickstarter Video
Sheldon Morley Musician